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Kindergarten Classroom

Our Program

Exploration and Adventure for All Ages

Small Wonders 3 weeks - 12months

Wee Walkers 12 months- 18 months

Busy Bees 18 months - 24 months

Backyardigans 2years -3 years

Pre-K 3 years - 4 years

K-Prep 4 years - 5 Years

STEAM Team 5 years - 9 years

Our Program: Programs
Super Hero Costumes

Imaginative Play

What they see is just the beginning of a child's world. Delight shines in the eyes of children as they realize the sky is the limit. Imaginations are unlocked here.
Children's minds can never be filled, but our available slots fill quickly. Call us today to join our family. Feel free to give us a call with any questions!

Outdoor Play

Children's bodies are always growing. As a parent you see them out grow their clothes quite often, but may not realize that they are also learning their physical abilities and strengths as their bodies grow. Here we have plenty of open space and fun friends for your child to run, jump, and conquer the world with.

Mother with her Baby

Infant Care

Infants receive lots of cuddles and love in our care. Studies show that a nurturing interactive environment where the infants get introduced to a variety of sensory rich experiences help them to build important pathways in their brains. Or staff partners with you to give your child these experiences everyday.

Before and After School

Our before and after school care is especially designed to support young students. They are allowed to unwind from the structure of the school day before completing tier homework.  Our partners in parenting staff are  enthusiastic homework helpers.

Kids Running
Kids Drawing

Create & Craft

Arts and crafts are another way children learn and reflect what they have learned. Arts and crafts inspire innovative thinkers and creativity. These abilities nurture the cutting edge thinkers of tomorrows world.

Young Einstiens

We incorporate our weekly science theme and lessons into hands on experiences in a safe and fun activity.
Feel free to give us a call with any questions!

Children in Science Class
Kids in Technology Class


Our STEAM activities build on the student's interests. We encourage our students to plan, create, and improve on their projects. We encourage creativity and independence.

Extended Hours

We offer extended hour care to our families who need it. We understand that not every parent schedule fits in a 9am -5pm workday. From early opening, to evening care we are the care your child deserves.

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